Intentionally creating an atmosphere for people to have an authentic encounter with God.

Through strategic prayer, as the foundational principle of our ministry, producing an atmosphere of expectation and hope.

Through a consecrated life of obedience and set apartness, producing a life of holiness and righteousness.

Through exuberant and prophetic praise and worship, re-producing the sound, rhythm, and fragrance of heaven here on earth.

Through adherence to the principles of biblical stewardship, producing an environment where generosity, sacrificial giving, and volunteerism thrive.

Through relevant, sound, biblical, teaching, preaching, and programming, thereby, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, producing acknowledgement, repentance, and a transformed life.


To become an uncompromising global catalyst for truth as seen through scripture, right biblical interpretation, and historical fact.

To stimulate cultural and community transformation by demonstrating a faith response to the Bible that is rooted in generosity, sacrificial giving, and Christian service and missions, thereby challenging the global Church to advance the gospel and causing the culture to retreat.

To make disciples of all nations while following the perfect example of Jesus Christ, standing on the sure foundation of the Bible, while remaining fully submitted to the Holy Spirit, which brings power and authority to the life of the believer.

To liberally plant the seed of faith in the soil of humanity, producing the fruit of righteousness until Jesus returns.