G. Laine Robinson is the founder and current Lead Pastor of Limitless Church in Dallas, Texas. This church was organized to be intentional and authentic in worship, to embrace people of all races and ethnicities and to teach the Word of God. With a passion for reaching the unchurched and de-churched in a non-traditional way. This church is experiencing the unique expression of God’s grace in a multi-ethnic, multi-denominational and multi-cultural setting.

G. Laine, since his radical salvation experience in 1995, has had a longing for creating an atmosphere and opportunity for the lost, the broken and all of God’s creation to experience His presence in a corporate setting. He has spent his life, since that moment, chasing God and leading others to him. His heart has been for others, in whatever stage of life they find themselves, to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. He is an alumnus of The Criswell College in Dallas. 

G. Laine has served in full-time ministry since 2001 along with his wife, LeAnn, of 20 years. They have experienced the Lord’s guidance and grace from the beginning and have journeyed together with a unified purpose, which is leading people to experience God in a fresh way. 

G. Laine and LeAnn have two sons, Gabriel and Michael.